If you've ever ridden the NYC Subway (or most any urban mass transit system for that matter), you've probably encountered somebody soliciting money. Some people try to sell snacks or bootleg DVDs, others may perform an instrument or dance or sing, while others may simply beg. It's so common in NYC that you're unlikely to get on a train without being solicited at least once during your trip. In my five years living in NYC however, I had never seen two complete strangers enter the same subway car and solicit at the same time. I had always wondered what would happen if that were to occur. So on August, 27th 2012, I boarded the south bound 4 train from Union Square along with some talented friends to conduct a little experiment to see how passengers might react to an onslaught of different characters asking for money. This is what we saw.

*Since it's release, "Panhandler Party" has been picked up by numerous outlets including: Gawker, Huffington Post, BoingBoing, Mental Floss, College Humor, The Comic’s Comic, and the NY Daily News. It has over THREE MILLION YouTube views along with millions of views on other networks!

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