Gary plays attorney Herbert Talbott in this encounter with Detective Reagan on Blue Bloods.

Dean (Gary) appoints Nick (Adam Lustick) as his new field producer in this clip from the comedy pilot Max Danger.

Gary was thrilled to perform in and help write this Ghostbusters fan film. Here's a clip.

Enjoy this scene from the award winning indie short "Do You Believe in the Devil?"

"Of course, all of this wouldn’t work without a strong performance to keep the film’s tonal mood swings in check. Grybauskas fortunately is able to rely on a really stellar leading turn from actor Gary Lee Mahmoud. Mahmoud’s career is mostly dotted with comedic roles. Here, he is able to stretch his comedy muscle but also round it off with equal parts empathy and psychosis. It’s a big performance, loud and manic, yet still grounded in some semblance of reality. I’d loved the hell out of it."

-Ivan Kander, Short of the Week