A shameless lifelong performer, Gary will drop his pants for food… or just because. He spent his childhood as the class clown and eventually ended up working in Congress for six years (not all that much different) before deciding to do something more productive than politics and become an actor.

When not on set or offending audiences with some stand-up, Gary writes and performs sketch comedy with his PIT house team "Savage" and co-produces sketch comedy videos for his YouTube channel Cringe Factory including writing and performing in his multi-million view web sensations "Panhandler Party” and “10 Hours of Princess Leia Walking in NYC.” His videos have been shared by numerous outlets including: Time Magazine, ABC News, The Hollywood Reporter, College Humor, Funny or Die, BroBible, Ad Week, Entertainment Weekly, Huffington Post, Gawker, CNET, The Daily Beast, Mashable, Mental Floss, The Chive, 22 Words, LaughSpin, Decider, Above Average, Laughing Squid, Gothamist, and many others.

Some of Gary’s notable screen credits include: Law & Order, Blue Bloods, Jessica Jones, Friends from College, The Bourne Legacy, and Paul Schrader’s Oscar-nominated First Reformed. His notable commercial work includes spots for: The NFL (Super Bowl LII), Star Wars, USA Today, Beneful, Experian, and Kinect. He has also emceed major events for Microsoft, Wyndham, Zip Car, and Showtime's Nurse Jackie “Rx Games.” Gary trained theatrically with Carol Fox Prescott, studied improv under Groundlings founder Gary Austin and at Upright Citizens Brigade Theater with Chris Gethard and Charlie Todd, and continues to study on-camera with Bob Krakower (master class).

If you’ve read this much of Gary’s bio, Gary hopes you’ll find something more productive to do with your time. Don’t feel too bad though. At least you’re not the douchebag who has been referring to himself in the third person for the past three paragraphs. Gary out.